Watch the 2017 NFL Draft, Cleveland Browns Backers Viewing Party in NYC

Browns Backers New York City Draft Party 2017

The Union Square Browns Backers of NYC will be hosting our 2017 NFL Draft watch party on Thursday, April 27th at 7:30pm at our official viewing location, Brother Jimmy’s Union Square.

Everyone knows the NFL Draft is essentially the playoffs for Cleveland Browns fans. It’s the one night where we can forget our terrible losing record the year before and have delusional visions of grandeur about how this draft class will finally be the one to lead us to greener pastures.

Come join us on this special night as we irrationally chant “SUPER BOWL! SUPER BOWL!” when we draft a punter with our #1 overall pick.

The Cleveland Browns have amassed a stockpile of 11  picks in the 2017 draft after various trades, compensatory picks and Money-Ball tactics by our elite nerd squad front office.

First round: (2) No. 1, No. 12 (via 2016 draft-day trade with Eagles).

Second round: (2) No. 33, No. 52 (via 2016 draft-day trade with Titans).

Third round: (1) No. 65

Fourth round: (1) No. 108.

Fifth round: (3) No. 145, No. 175 (via Barkevious Mingo trade with Patriots), No. 181 (compensatory pick).

Sixth round: (2) No. 185, No. 188 (via Brock Osweiler trade with Texans).

Seventh round: No picks.