Indoor Dining Closed in NYC: No Watch Parties for 2 Weeks

On Friday, December 11th, Governor Cuomo announced indoor dining in NYC will close for a yet to be determined time, due to the rising infection rate of COVID-19.

Combined with the 10pm curfew for outdoor dining, we have no other choice but to cancel our next two Cleveland Browns watch parties as they are both night games:

  • Monday, Dec 12 vs the Ravens
  • Sunday, Dec 20 vs the Giants

We will resume outdoor watch parties, in our beautiful & heated setup provided by The Liberty, for the games thereafter:

  • Sunday, Dec 27 vs the Jets
  • Sunday, Jan 3 vs the Steelers
  • Knock on wood… a playoff game or two

As soon as the indoor dining ban is lifted, we’ll be back to normal with lots of socially-distance seating options inside.

Hopefully that will occur in time for the Jets game, but either way we’ll be holding down our own version of the Muni Lot here in NYC.

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