Thank You For an Amazing Weekend of Browns Football in NYC

Many thanks to the 1,200+ Cleveland Browns fans who joined our tailgate party at MetLife Stadium before the Jets game on Monday Night Football.

One member of the Browns organization described it as “one of the largest Browns tailgates at a visiting stadium I’ve ever seen!”

An even bigger thank you to the GNATS Tailgaters from the Lake Front Airport in Cleveland who made the trip to NYC to help us co-host the tailgate. Without them, that amazing party wouldn’t have been possible.

Kudos to Larry and his Muni-Lot bus crew, who against all odds, managed to find a parking spot in mid-town Manhattan directly in front of the bar during our Welcome Party. If that isn’t divine intervention, we don’t know what is.

And a big shout-out to everyone who attended our Sunday night Welcome Party at our home bar, Brother Jimmy’s Murray Hill. Thank you to the entire staff at Bro J’s, who shut down their entire restaurant to accommodate our massive private party — you guys rock. Photos from that event are below.

Throughout the weekend, our events raised over $2,000 for a local pet adoption charity in NYC.

» View the Welcome Party Photo Album on Facebook

» Download individual photos from Google Drive

P.S. We’re still waiting for members of the Cleveland Browns ownership team to apologize for bailing on both our events. Don’t worry guys, we’ll be happy to install a new WIN FRIDGE stocked with not-Bud-Light in honor of your lack of attendance & support.